Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week Nine

Tuesday Meeting
Original cartoon by Tony Lopes
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Much Ado about Nothing is the text we will use for the in-class Final Exam, so you need to be very familiar with it. To help, today we will screen Kenneth Branagh's version of play.
If you are/were unable to come to class on Tuesday, May 24, search the film in our library's Streaming Media Project  HEREFor copyright reasons, you can only watch the film on campus. Otherwise, check the film information so you can rent it, watch it on YouTube, etc. HERE
2. Discussing the Final Exam. Once you have decided what question you want to answer, check the work you should complete for Journals 8, 9, 10, and 11. Instructions and Prompts for Journals

Online Work for Week Nine

Note: items marked with an asterisk will count as your hour of online attendance for Week Nine.

By tonight at 10pm: first draft of Essay 3 for me to give you feedback. 

Tuesday, May 30th: Submit a PRINT version of Essay 3 to me by the end of class. 
  1. Review an introductory presentation on Much Ado about Nothing HERE.
  2. Review Much Ado about Nothing's Main Characters' Status, Alliances, and Relationships HERE.
  3. *Complete Journal 8. You will need the play for evidence. If you do not have Much Ado about Nothing, check the e-book HERE.