Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week Seven

Tuesday Meeting

“The Plantation Police, or Home-Guard, Examining Negro Passes on the Levee Road Below New Orleans" by F.B. Schell.
From Emancipation 150: Local Lives and National Events 

1. Understanding the development of character and of conflict in Kindred. Instructions HERE.

2. Integrating evidence from Kindred into a body paragraph. For this exercise, you will need a copy of the novel and the handout on signal phrases on page 46 of the class packet. Instructions HERE.

Online Work for Week Seven

Note: items marked with an asterisk will count as your hour of online attendance for Week Seven.
  1. *Complete Journal 7: “The Storm,” “The Rope,” and “Epilogue”
  2. Complete the Quiz for "The Storm" and "The Rope" on Blackboard.
  3. Complete the Quiz on Literary Terms II on Blackboard based on THIS PRESENTATION.
  4. Need to discuss you midterm grade and suggest a plan of action for the rest of the semester? Fill  out this form

Pass for a  slave named Barney from The Civil War in Missouri