Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week One

Welcome to our hybrid ENG 102! This blog is our assignment space and network hub. If you have questions, my contact information is on the syllabus as well as under the section titled "About" on this blog.

Tuesday Meeting
  1. Read/Discuss: Syllabus/Packets 
  2. Fill this information FORM.
  3. Join: GoogleDrive/Groups
    • Create your Google account HERE, if needed.
    • Create a Google Drive Folder and add it to Google Group
  4. Follow: How to download Kindred
Online Work for Week One

Note: items marked with an asterisk will count as your hour of online attendance for Week One.

By Tuesday 9/26,  by 9:00AM (10/3 if you joined the class late): 
  1.  *Fill out this Symbol and Allusion FORM 
  2.  *Read "Poetic Language" and "10 Steps I follow when analyzing a poem"  (packet,  pages 10-11). See this theory in action in my analysis of Robert Browning's "Porphyria's Lover" (pages 12-17; poem on page 22).  Submit one question or comment about any of the information on these pages to this FORM. We will discuss your questions and more during Tuesday's class.
  3. Complete Journal 1 on "The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro" (1852) by Frederick Douglass
Ongoing until Tuesday 10/3 by 9:00AM
    1. Read "Poems for Presentation and Quiz" closely (packet, pages 18-20)
    2. Study the Literary Terms for Poetry in this PRESENTATION (or this PDF)
    3. Take the Quiz on Literary Terms I and Poems on Blackboard
Ongoing during Poetry Unit: Get and read Octavia E. Butler's Kindred.