Houses are named in honor of inimitable authors who have written extensively on Love and Death. 

Dickinson House

Named after the 19th-Century American poet Emily Dickinson, whose unconventional writing style has fascinated students and scholars in modern times. 

Plath House

Named after the short-lived but gifted American poet Sylvia Plath, famous for her ferociously confessional style of writing. 

Browning House

Named after the famed Victorian poet Robert Browning, whose dramatic monologues still resonate with contemporary audiences. 

Butler House

Named after Hugo and Nebula award-winner Octavia Estelle Butler, whose science-fictional tales feature strong, black female protagonists battling alienation to construct a better society.

Morrison House

Named after Nobel-prize winner Toni Morrison, whose stirring novels about marginalized peoples rank among the top 100 fiction books written in English.

Shakespeare House

Named after the 16th-Century English poet and playwright William Shakespeare, whose sonnets and plays have been read and performed around the world for more than 400 years. 

All images were taken from the authors' respective entries on Wikipedia or from Wikimedia Commons, with the exception of Toni Morrison's image, which is from and of Octavia Butler's, which was taken by Joshua Trujillo for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.